Curriculum Books: The First Hundred Years (Counterpoints) by William H. Schubert

Curriculum Books: The First Hundred Years (Counterpoints)

Book Title: Curriculum Books: The First Hundred Years (Counterpoints)

Publisher: Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers

ISBN: 082046211X

Author: William H. Schubert

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William H. Schubert with Curriculum Books: The First Hundred Years (Counterpoints)

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A substantial revision of Curriculum Books: The First Eighty Years, this new volume is a comprehensive presentation of curriculum books that have contributed to theoretical and practical discourse about curriculum throughout the twentieth century. Following an introduction that explains the book’s purpose and how it was constructed, the authors present each decade in a chapter that provides contextual reminders about the social, political, and cultural events of the time period, discussion of salient events in curriculum discourse, and a comprehensive bibliography (by year) of curriculum books. More than 3,000 curriculum books are weaved into this presentation. The original and updated conclusions are offered to provide interpretative perspective on curricular trends, state of the field, and possibilities for the future of curriculum studies.